Because Two is more fun than one

What if you could rent a friend or date to grab a coffee, without spending days swiping and chatting to find the perfect match?

These days, we work at computers, scroll through social media, and rarely find time to meet new people in-person. Your time is valuable, so wouldn’t it be nice if your social life unfolded effortlessly?

Whether you travel for work, need dates to regular events, or just want some reliable companionship in your downtime, the Momentwo find friends app is the solution for you. Check out the perks!

Rent a girlfriend, boyfriend, or friend anytime

Secure a fun and interesting date. Meet likeminded people who can meet for last-minute plans. With Momentwo, you know you’ll have the companion you need, when you need them

Meet interesting, smart, and attractive people

Maybe you spend a lot of time travelling and don’t know how to find new friends. Perhaps you’ve just moved to a new area, or you’d like to make better connections in your home town. Momentwo is here to help. We offer a selection of attractive and interesting locals who are ready to meet up in a matter of clicks.

Grab a sidekick for new adventures

Maybe you’re dying to check out a new coffee shop, or you’re looking for a friend to explore a local museum. With Momentwo, you’ll always have a sidekick to accompany you for fun new activities.

Enjoy a safe and carefree social experience

Our find friends app is a safe and secure way to meet new people. Connect within our chat feature, organize payment on your own, and head off to create memories together!