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Why Momenttwo?

Loneliness is hardly visible. But it is widespread

“In Switzerland, in the last health survey, more than a third of the population said that they sometimes or often felt lonely.”
“Studies indicate that loneliness is the most deadly disease. The data show relatively clearly that loneliness or feeling alone is a very relevant health factor, not only for mental but also for physical health. “


High unemployment

“According to the President of Economiesuisse, Heinz Karrer, the Swiss economy is suffering from an enormous standstill as a result of the COVID-19. Switzerland is facing a huge wave of bankruptcies and unemployment not seen since the Second World War. “


Everyone needs friends

“Together with family, friends are the most important persons. Especially for those who live alone and far from their family. With them you share interests and discover new things.

Dr. Wolfgang Krüger sums it up as follows: “Friends have an important function in relieving stress. But in the course of life, friendships can also change, some intensify, others flatten out. Dr. Krüger recommends investing at least two hours a week in it. This is especially important for men, he says. The Berlin psychotherapist has found that only about one-third of men actively cultivate friendships, whereas about two-thirds of all women have a good friend. “


Employees: Low pay, stress, fear of the future

“Swiss employees are less satisfied with their working conditions than in the last years. They want to earn more, they are more stressed and are more worried about their jobs.

In addition to stress, concerns about the workplace have also increased, especially in the wake of digitalisation. Although 43.3% of respondents continue to rate the probability of their job being replaced by digital technologies in the next ten years. “